Russian and Soviet Fine Art Gallery of the XX Century
Brodsky, I.I.


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P.E. [P. Ettinge . [About exhibitions «Mir Isskousstva» (The World of Art), «Soyouz», «Bubnovy Valet» (Knave of Diamonds)] (pp. 75-80) (pp.757677787980) (Ill.: V. Séroff. Portrait of the Countess Orloff (p.76). Portrait of Mons. A. Stachovitch (p.77). C. Goldinger. Self-Portrait (p.78). K. Yuon. Moscow (p.79). L. Turjansky. Autumn Sun (p.79). F. Malyavine. A Russian Peasant Woman (p.80). G. Lukomski. Types of Russian Architecture) // The Studio. Vol.56. London, MCMXII [1912] (Covertitle) (Ill. in the Magazine: Courtenay Pollock. Bust of the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain (p.133); Gerda Wegener. The Three Graces; Sebastian Lucius. Companions of Sleep (p.238); Fernand Maillaud. L’Imbécile du Village (p.274)) 
[The etching of Vladimir Poluni (pp. 126-129) (pp. 126127129); [Book Review of «Paris on the Eve of the War» by Elisaveta Kruglikova] (pp. 208-209) (Ill.: Silhouettes); P.E. [R. Ettinger]. [Exhibition of «Soyouz» (Union of Russian Artist), «Mir Isskousstva» (Wold of Art)] (pp. 274-280) (pp. 274275276277278279280) (Ill.: K. Yuon. A Blue Day, Winter (p.275). I. Brodsky. In the Park (p.276). K. Goldinger. Portrait of Mlle. Koreneff (p.277). A. Ryloff. Morning Dawn (p.278). N. Ulianoff. Portrait of a Boy (p.279). B. Kustodieff. A Moscow Merchant’s Wife (p.280). K. Petroff-Vodkin. Madonna (p.280)) // The Studio. Vol.67. London, MCMXVI [1916] (Ill. in the Magazine: I.L. Gloag. MingHe and She; A.Y. Jackson. Maples, Early Spring
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Brodski, Isaac. №67. Grey Day. №68. After the Rain. №69. In the Night. №70. Evening. №71. Old Boats. №72. Pastorale // Christian Brinton (foreword), Igor Grabar (introduction and catalogue). The Russian Art Exhibition. [Catalogue]. Grand Central Palace, New York. 1924 
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